We all have times when we look around our homes and say to ourselves “It’s time that we do a bit of renovating.” This can be even more of an issue for those us of who are concerned about upgrading our homes in a way that will make them more energy efficient. And one of the ways to do that is by retrofitting.

If you’re not familiar with what that term means, basically retrofitting is about taking something that you already have and adding something newer to it so that it works more effectively. For instance, some people retrofit their homes by adding new insulation or purchasing some new appliances.

Of course, making these kinds of “green upgrades” do come with a price and so if you’re wondering what some of the benefits are that come with making an energy retrofit for your home, we’ve including five definite ones below:

It saves you money (each month). When you do things like install a low-flow showerhead or add a ceiling fan to one of the rooms in your house, because they require less electricity, as a direct result, your energy bills decrease each month. And saving money is always a great thing.

It raises your property value. If you speak with a real estate agent about the advantages that come with retrofitting your home with new roofing from Allstate Roofing or floors, one of the main things that they’ll probably mention is that the property value of your home will go up due to these kinds of additions. That’s because as more people are becoming environmentally aware, with that comes the desire to live in a home that is designed in an eco-friendly way.

It makes your home more durable. There are a lot of people who tend to overlook just how much damage things like water leaks and moisture can do to a home but the truth is that overtime, it can lead to rotted floors, caving roofs and mold and mildew infestation. But, when you put forth the concerted effort to add some air sealing and controlled ventilation, not only does it reduce the chances of these things occurring but it can also make your home more durable too.

It improves the air quality of the home. Did you know that putting exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom, changing the filters in your HVAC unit every three months, installing a carbon monoxide and radon detector are all things that you can do to achieve excellent indoor air quality in your home? And the cleaner the air is that you breathe, the better it is for your family’s health and the health of your pets because it reduces the amount of dust and dander that are within your home.

It can make your home more comfortable. For a lot of us, our favorite place to be is home because it’s the place that houses and protects so many of the things that we love. Well, by making sure that you insulate and seal your house, that prevents air from escaping; that keeps your home at your preferred temperature. And perhaps that’s the best thing about retrofitting your house. It helps to make it a comfy place to come home to—always.

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