Over the years people all over the world have had to deal with the hefty recurrent bills that come as a result of power consumption by means of electricity. This trend has from time to time puzzled the minds of many and as a result led to the discovery of solar powerful energy systems by engineers from various nations across the world. The following cities across the world have greatly reaped the benefits of this wonderful discovery.



Freiburg City in Germany

This world class city is one of the sunniest cities in Germany with more than 1800-hours of sunshine each year and a radiation intensity of 1117 kilowatts per square-meter annually. The city of Freiburg is not only renowned for its success in renewable energy, but for the citizen’s high standards of environmental awareness and strategic political interventions that have immensely contributed to the city’s economic development hence elevating it to become a solar capital as well. Solar panels in this city are evidently found almost on the roofs of all buildings from schools to private houses, City hall, churches and the list goes on. Major advantages that the city has benefitted from the use of solar energy involve economic growth and climate protection.

The City of Lancaster in the US

Lancaster city is ranked a fast growing solar city in California. The city has made drastic and fruitful developments in the conservation of energy; hence these developments have made it possible to significantly reduce the level of carbon emissions, pollution and the increasing budget constraints by means of renewable energy production.

The city has gone a long way in benefiting by these solar energy installations as business people, homeowners, schools, and stadiums among others have significantly improved and remained much healthier. The companies and government too have had their fair share in these remarkable developments due to the installation of large scale commercial solar power systems that have not only enabled the them to meet their sustainability but also financial goals.

San Diego

San Diego a famous City for its magnificent coastline and sunny weather is ranked as the second largest solar city in the United States. The city of San Diego is known for its push in renewable energy initiatives. The city makes one of the sunniest cities in the United States leading the way to solar energy. San Diego has a rank for having 107-megawatts of solar energy installed. This has gone a long way in earning it a solar energy capital title. Businesses, private homes, companies and schools have been on the list of beneficiaries of this great and clean energy.



Los Angeles

The city has a name for its clean streets, wonderful landscaping and it magnificent structures all over. The city has the largest school districts installed with clean power solar systems totaling to about 4.5MW across 17 school sites. The installation of solar energy systems in the City of Los Angeles has kept it ahead of things creating showing great improvements from to the private sector, government and many other institutions. School districts in Los Angeles have seen installations of solar shade structures that offset between 25% to 100% electricity usage in the schools. Los Angeles is the leading solar energy producer in the United States.

New York City

New York City, diverse and famous for its mega buildings and skyscrapers. People who live in New York and those who come as tourists cannot afford not to love Big Apple all the way to Niagara Falls. New York has it all and even more, solar power systems have made the New Yorkers have another reason for a radiant smile. New York City having gone solar made it possible to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and save lots of money which can be put to better use. Homeowners, business community, schools and buildings across the wonderful City of New York know what it means to have clean solar energy. It saves not just your electricity bills but gives the people a clean environment.


Cities that run on solar energy reap a lot from it and save a lot thereby creating good avenues for economic growth and healthy living for its people.

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