Your boring kitchen can sometimes be painful to view if it has the typical white cabinets and ordinary appliances. Spice up the room with a few tips from kitchen remodeling St Louis companies so that you have a modern look that is comfortable for the entire family whether you’re eating or cooking.

Sometimes, if the kitchen is smaller, it’s easier to transform. You can focus more on the lighting and windows that will offer natural light to make the room look larger instead of the decorations as much. However, you want to add a few items that will stand out in the brighter space. Colors like teal, peach, yellow or green work well in a smaller kitchen. You want to avoid darker colors as these will make the tiny room seem smaller. A by window is ideal for a small kitchen with a long counter against the focal wall.

An island is an option if you have a large kitchen. It will give you more prep space for the meals that you prepare for the family and guests. The island will also prevent the room from having empty space. Add a few bar stools and an area underneath to hang pots and pans to keep them out of the cabinets.

If you want to keep the white kitchen, consider adding chairs, storage shelves and small appliances that are in brighter colors. You can often find everything from toaster ovens to coffee makers in bright hues that include teal, green or orange. Keep everything in the same color scheme so that it’s not overwhelming as the white in the kitchen will make the colors stand out. A rustic design is also something to consider. An island that has a wooden finish on the top with rustic stools around along with a darker hardwood floor makes a charming kitchen. You want to keep the cabinets in the same color as well with black handles. Appliances should be more in the way of black or stainless steel instead of white as this will stand out too much and make the room appear awkward in its design.

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