As more of the world embraces clean energy and green options, it is important for people to think about how their choices effect the rest of the world. Many different cities across the United States have banned plastic bags, and began to charge you five cents if you forgot your own re-usable bag.

This is with good reason, as re-usable and paper bags don’t end up in landfills while plastic frequently does even though it is recyclable. The process of creating any plastic material is caustic and causes irreparable harm to the environment, just to be used once and then thrown in the dump to not break down for other 1,000 years. The creation of paper bags is a much cleaner option, the bags are re-usable over a period of time and is both recyclable and biodegradable. Allowing paper to sit for an extended period of time does no damage to the environment and creates a nutrient rich compost for people to use after it has been broken down by bacteria, fungi, and other simple organisms.

To better understand the vast difference between the creation and use of plastic or biodegradable substance, visit:

Plastic vs Biodegradable [Infographic]

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