The first thing that pops into a person’s mind when someone mentions a startup business is a high-tech Silicon Valley based company that is going to revolutionize some form of technology. The last thing that comes to their mind is a cleaning service. However, there are a couple of guys in New York City who have been very successful at taking model of companies like Uber and using it in the cleaning world. Their idea is to allow people to order a cleaning service for their home or business in the same way that a person could order a taxi over their mobile phone. The idea has caught on and has produced surprising financial results.

Not every new cleaning service or new janitorial service is going to revolutionize the way that people look at cleaning. The vast majority of people who start a cleaning business do it in the traditional way, which includes getting a few cleaning contracts on their own, eventually getting more contacts and spreading out until they have a business that employs a handful of people. But why would anyone want to get into cleaning?

Office Cleaning Is Not As Hard As One Might Think

For the most part, cleaning offices is easy. Having the right products for the job makes it a lot easier. Vacuuming a large office space with a residential vacuum cleaner, for example, will just be frustrating and make the job drag on. Having a commercial vacuum cleaner on the other hand can make things a breeze. Using residential garbage bags will result in a lot of spills, whereas using commercial trash bags keep spills to a minimum.

Office Cleaning Offers a Flexible Schedule

There are a lot of positive aspects of cleaning, especially of cleaning offices at night. Night cleaning is an excellent second job that can add some much needed additional income. Cleaning offices at night usually offers a flexible schedule. Cleaners arrive any time after the office occupants leave, and they have to make sure they are done with their work before the office opens up the next morning. So if they have a day job, they can schedule their night cleaning job around it.

You Can Earn a Good Living

Surprisingly, cleaning offices pays well. In part, it’s because few people want to clean, and even fewer want to clean at night. Depending on the part of the country where a person works, freelance office cleaners can make between $15 and $30 an hour. This alone is enough to attract people to this work.

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