All cities have different authorities that have slightly different rules. We are going to look locally at whether your Leicester based business might require waste disposal services. Leicestershire county council continue to push for recycling so first of all look at the commercial waste your business will create and which elements of it can be recycled.


Items that can be recycled include paper and card but are not limited to these. Infact everything from electrical good through to even some hazardous waste types can be recycled. This is being pushed by local authorities with targets of 67% of municipal waste recycling by 2015.

How much waste are you producing?

Whether you are producing large volumes of waste could very much depend on whether your Leicester based business requires waste management. Local councils around Leicestershire will often allow a simple collection as part of the local business council rates which might be suitable general office waste by most businesses however for those outside of the service sector another solution might be required.

Those producing large volumes of commercial waste may require regular services by a waste disposal company, for instance rubbish removal by Map Waste can be the answer for Leicester based local businesses. Looking at a disposal company you will find they stock a variety of containers and provide regular collections depending on the amount produced.

An important thing to consider is that the more waste you produce then the likelihood you will be making a good profit so the cost of waste disposal services becomes less of an issue, it’s also worth noting that waste disposal services are also tax deductible.

Specific waste types that need additional permits

You will need a special permit if your business produces emissions or effects the local environment around Leicestershire. You can apply for a permit via Leicestershire county council and you will need to register your business with the Environmental Agency. Specific industries that carry out tasks such as the refining of gas, metal works and treatments along with the manufacturing products such as tyres and boarding.

Whetstone Transfer Station – Trade Waste

At whetstone transfer station your business will be able to dispose of any commercial waste such as rubbish removal for a small fee. This might suit local tradesmen or people in businesses that can clear waste themselves. This often becomes an additional job for stockists and lorry loaders, removing the waste during quiet periods. The trade waste transfer station is open until 4:15pm during the working week and charges £96.17 per tonne (plus VAT) to dispose of waste. Depending on the contracts that waste disposal companies have with transfer stations you might find they can offer you a better deal.

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