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Today, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the appearance of their home while saving money on the monthly energy bill. Fortunately, there are several eco-friendly options for homeowners who want to make their home more appealing. Consider just a few examples of eco-friendly additions to a piece of property.

Solar Pathway Lights

A homeowner who wants to add light to a path in a garden, a front walk or a driveway has a lot of choices. One eco-friendly option is solar pathway lights. Instead of running on electricity, these lights absorb sunlight throughout the day. The sunlight charges the battery inside each light. So, when the sun goes down, these pathway lights have the power to illuminate any path around a home. Furthermore, solar pathway lights are available in a variety of designs, colors and styles so homeowners can utilize green energy while enhancing the look of their property.

A Skylight

Installing a skylight is another way that a homeowner can utilize green energy and reduce the monthly energy bill. A skylight allows sunlight to enter a home creating a warm atmosphere. A homeowner is likely to find that he or she is using the furnace less due to the skylight. A homeowner may opt for a vented skylight that can open and close. This allows a cool breeze to enter a home during the summertime. There are also fixed skylights that don’t open. Skylights are decorative as well as practical. They add interest to the design of any room. A homeowner looking for other energy saving tips like this one may want to consult a resource such as Reliant Energy in Texas.

A Solar Cover for a Swimming Pool

Homeowners have an eco-friendly way to heat the water in their backyard swimming pool. A solar pool cover is placed over a swimming pool and absorbs sunlight throughout the day. This heat is transferred to the water. Putting a solar cover on a pool warms up the water within a relatively short amount of time. A homeowner with a solar pool cover can avoid the expense of an electric heater that achieves the same purpose.

Homeowners who choose green energy options to improve the look and feel of their home are showing concern for the environment. These additions can be attractive to potential buyers if the homeowner ever decides to sell his or her home.

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