Hydroelectricity Quebec, abundant, cheap and less polluting than other systems of power generation, discourages the use of renewable energies. Yet they are the future.

With heating type “passive solar”

A passive solar house (or “passive” or “bioclimatic”) is designed so that it recovers optimally heat from solar radiation, without solar panels, thanks to the orientation of the windows (at least 60% in the south), the very form of the house, the thickness and inertia of building materials (brick, concrete, gypsum walls and floors) that allow the absorption of heat. See here our detailed.

To : This is an absolute must. We find even in cold countries like Europe or North … Canada! Even if you do not build a passive solar house in the strict sense, it can build on its principles.

Cons : Mal designed, these homes are prone to overheating. Moreover, the system is difficult to adopt in existing homes.

Purchase Price : $. No solar panels to buy. But a whole house to be built around this principle! Attention to come from Germany materials specially adapted to passive solar eventually get pricey …
With a pre-heating “solar thermal” Type

This time, the heat from the sun is captured by solar panels.

To : Unquestionably ecological. Low maintenance. Can be combined heating and domestic hot water.
Cons : The systems are expensive ($ 7000 and up) and the period of return on investment long. It is often necessary to use a supplementary heating. Finally, it is quite difficult to find really experienced installers (see our book).

Despite the subsidies, the installation of solar water heaters thousand Quebec program, launched by the Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA), failed. A solar water heater can provide 40-60% of the hot water used by a family, but without subsidies, it generates profits in the long run … You can, however, by environmental choice, decide install one. To learn more about solar water heater (which can heat water, but also a home!), so click here.

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