Heliodome a bioclimatic solar house

The sun is a source of energy available to us inexhaustible gracefully. Thus inventor Eric Wasser has a decade to achieve this amazing home top-shaped what the Heliodome . This strange dwelling was born in Cosswiller in Alsace. Apart from its looks, it’s also a bioclimatic solar house that meets energy constraints and emissions.


  • Architecture Heliodome
  • Thermal system Heliodome
  • In winter
  • In summer
  • Architecture Heliodome

The particularity of the Heliodome based on its architecture. It is a house in wood, glass and concrete . Its shape router was designed based on the movement of the sun and its orientation, and its inclination depending on the latitude. Its canopy has an area of 160 sqm, shaped corolla of a flower and jutting out of the house. What gives beautiful livable housing volumes?

The Heliodome has a surface of 200 sqm and organized on three levels: the ground floor, first and second floor.

Thermal system Heliodome

If Heliodome has a strange allure is that studies have been done to the habitat adapts to the seasons: he offers a free winter heating and natural cooling in summer.

With structure, it is the sun that brings almost all of the energy needs at home. So it’s a totally green home because it works in solar energy.

Heliodome a bioclimatic solar house1

In winter

Indeed, in winter the sun rises in the south-east, remains low on the horizon and sets in the southwest. His journey thus forms an arc whose angle with the earth varies with latitude.

With the Heliodome , there is almost no need for heating because the walls are well insulated and sunlight through the windows and allow to naturally heat the house during the day.

In terms of water heaters, just install some solar panels surmounting the dome to power the system. And if it still even colder, a wood stove was intended to bring a few extra degrees.

In summer

The path of the sun as an arc from north-east to north-west in summer. And it is positioned high in the sky overhead, and the solar radiation passes through the glass surface without entering the space but while preserving the inner freshness.

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