What comes to your mind when one says lavish? Lavish is an adjective for a luxurious, a grand place. Something that is sumptuous, rich, gorgeous and opulent. Now what comes to your mind when one says affordable? Something that is reasonable or less in price. Do you think that the two words lavish and affordable can be mentioned in a same sentence? If you think they cannot, then you are wrong. The new apartments and flats that are coming out for sale have provoked us rather left us no choice but to associate them with these two very precious adjectives. They are called precious because lavish house is something that a common man cannot dream of in his limited salary and affordable housing is what he has to look for. This forces him to limit his dreams and settle with whatever is available in his reach. The ILD group which is the name behind many new residential projects in Gurgaon by ILD Group are the ones who have hypnotized us with the beauty of their properties/ projects in calling them affordable as well as lavish and luxurious. Some projects of theirs like the ILD Grand Centra, ILD Arete have gained immense popularity in Gurgaon and other cities of India.


Talking about ILD Group, they are one of the top most builders in Gurgaon city. Their projects, “ILD Grand” and “ILD Commercial” are the winner of awards like “Most promising residential project of North India” etc. International Land Developers is the full form or the real name behind the token name ILD. They are the top builders in Delhi NCR. ILD Group is the mastermind behind the projects like ILD Grand, ILD Arete, and ILD Grand Centra etc. This company was established in the year 2006 under the ALM GROUP in business since 1990. ILD Group’s aim is to provide best infrastructure in each of its project which efficiently talks about its service. This aim of the company and its immediate delivery in the projects has made it what it is today. The Gurgaon city is surely very lucky to have such builders establishing their base in the city. Now let us talk about the various charming projects of this company.


The two projects which were fortunate enough to get the full support and love from people were the Grand Centra and Arete.

Here are few reasons or peculiarities about these projects.

  • ILD Grand Centra goes by the tagline; “The Luxury residences” and ILD Arete go by the tagline, “Luxurious Park Residences”. The two have very descriptive taglines and there is no further need of explanation in the matter of luxury here.
  • Explanation for both the projects on the website is very detailed and the pictures posted of them leave no space for doubt.
  • ILD’s Grand Centra and ILD Arete focus on providing a luxurious apartment at affordable prices of 62.4 Lakhs and 63.1 Lakhs respectively.
  • These projects have intricate infrastructure which is according to the Vastu and which will provide you abundant sunlight, air etc in your apartment.
  • Both the projects have some outstanding features like strategic location, earthquake resistant frame, eco-friendly landscapes, and ample amount of parking space, amazing building façade, rain water harvesting, waste management, forecourt and thematic gardens, 2 sides open apartments.
  • One more similarity in the new residential projects in Gurgaon by ILD Group is the space provided in the apartments. The apartments are spacious and give you all the freedom to decorate your house the way you want it.
  • These projects are what you are looking for and the new residential projects in Gurgaon by ILD Group are something that makes your life better with amazing services and light on your pocket.

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