If you’re someone who lives in an apartment, although technically it’s not a space that you own, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain things that you can do that will help to make it look just like a home. And the really good news is that many of the decor ideas are ones that you can afford to do, regardless of your budget.

Interior Design

If you’ve been thinking about doing a bit of decorating in the upcoming weeks and you’d like some tips on how you can make your apartment feel homey for you and your guests, here are five great ways to do just that.

Have fun with color. Your lease might state that you shouldn’t paint the walls. However, in most cases, landlords are willing to compromise so long as they can see the color palate beforehand and you’re willing to paint the walls back to their original color before moving out. So, have fun with coloring the various rooms of your apartment. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a big “just like home” transformation in your place. For tips on color trends for apartments, visit Apartment Therapy and put “color paint trends” in the search field.

Be elaborate with window treatments. One of the main reasons why a lot of apartments appear to be so bland is because the windows have white blinds and nothing else. If there’s one thing that you can do to make your apartment cozier in a really quick amount of time, it’s changing your window treatments. You can hang some silk curtains. You can design your own drapes, complete with some creative curtain rods. You can also add some Roman shades. Windows are one of the focal points of any room. Make sure yours are “dressed well”.

Get some investment pieces. Unfortunately, there are some people who have the habit of treating their apartment like a dorm room. In other words, just because you are in an apartment now, that doesn’t mean that it will be that way forever. That’s why you should avoid purchasing cheap pieces of furniture. Instead, invest in pieces that you can take along with you that can smoothly transition into a house later on.

Hang some art. Say that while you were apartment hunting, you saw a sign that said ” Lincoln Property apartment for rent” and while you were checking out that particular apartment for rent, you fell in love with it. Only, the landlord clearly did state that you couldn’t paint the walls under any circumstances. That’s OK. Something that you can do as a way to get around that rule is to hang some art. This doesn’t mean that you should get a poster and put it up with the help of some masking tape. It’s actually better to get your prints professionally framed. It makes them look more contemporary and it also helps to brighten up any living space.

Add some plants. There’s one more tip for apartment living, and that’s to add a few plants. Not only does live greenery bring warmth into an apartment, but it’s also a proven way to improve indoor air quality too. If you’re interested in learning about some of the best plants to help keep the air inside of your apartment clean, visit MNN and put “plants that improve air quality” in the search field.

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