Furnace heaters provide a lot of convenience to your lives and is life saving devices in the bitter cold of winter. But you need to take good care of them to ensure that they continue to work as good as new. Since furnace heaters are usually used for long durations continuously, maintenance is very much required if you want to maintain their efficiency during long heating sessions.


Dirt and Dust Collection Problems

The main issue that causes furnaces to become inefficient is accumulation of dirt. Dirt, dust etc can collect in the filters and blower mechanism that’s found in the furnace heater. Blowers are needed to transmit the heated air all across the house through the venting system. Dirt can also collect in some parts of the motor assembly thereby reducing its efficiency and increasing the power bill. The heat exchanger needs to be checked often for any signs of wear and tear or holes because if it has problems carbon monoxide which is lethal can be emitted from it into your home. Badly designed venting can also cause the same problem so your venting needs to be checked by a professional before winter usage. Suwanee furnace heating repair will check for all such problems and make sure your furnace heater is in the best possible condition.

AFUE means Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and the higher this number the better for your electric bills. This number measures how efficient the system is. If you have a very old furnace then its AFUE would be quite low and replacing it with a highly efficient one would be a good idea.

Cleaning the Filter

You can check your furnace’s filter yourself. If you find that too much dirt has clogged in it while holding it against light, then you need to replace it immediately. A dirty filter and components will cause your furnace to overheat more than necessary and also reduce its life. However if there’s not much dust you can clean it yourself and place it back in position. Check that the orientation is correct before fixing it in position. Gas furnaces are cleaner than fuel based furnaces so if you want a cleaner alternative better for the surroundings get a fuel based furnace.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

If you have a gas furnace the first thing you need to check is if the burner is burning the gas cleanly. This means you should check if there’s a blue colored flame. If you see yellow flames among the blue or a lot of yellow, then you should immediately clean the burner with a custom tool. Or you can call the local heating furnace repairman to get a thorough check-up done professionally. Any repairs will also be done at your convenience.

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