Regulating the temperature and airflow of your home or commercial space is vital in ensuring a comfortable place to live or work. While these are important processes, many are unaware of how an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system works and functions. Florida is marked by constant sunshine and beach weather making regulating temperature a necessity for ensuring comfort during scorching summer months. In Tampa FL HVAC systems are a great option for combatting heat and regulating temperature.


What to Know about HVAC Systems

An HVAC system is a mechanical system designed to regulate the environmental conditions in your living or working space. These systems regulate temperature through heating and cooling and control humidity through filtering and adjusting air molecule density in a room. There are three major types of HVAC Systems: central AC, packaged heating & air conditioning, and split and window AC.

Selecting a HVAC System

Living in Florida means hot and humid climates; controlling the climate of your office or home affects the quality of your life. Choosing the best HVAC system for your needs is key to a comfortable space. In selecting an HVAC system, you are looking to optimize. You want to find a system that optimizes cooling your space at a reasonable price.

Finding an energy efficient HVAC system is a great option to cool your house without breaking your budget. A system’s SEER (seasonal energy efficient ration) and HFSP (heating season performance factor) are two ratings that divulge how energy efficient a HVAC system is. The higher number the greater the efficiency. There are other important factors in selection such as the size of your home or air quality. Professional consultation is a great resource for ensuring you are getting a system that best optimizes your needs.

Maintaining HVAC Systems

Once installed, HVAC systems must be maintained in order to function properly. Without regular maintenance, the dust and particles that collect in your unit can decrease the overall efficiency of your system. It is also important to inspect key components of your system to make sure they are not compromised. Routine maintenance will provide long-term benefits. With check-ups, you decrease the likelihood of needing to an install a new system or pay for expensive repairs.

HVAC systems are one of the most complicated systems in your home or office. Ensuring that you are selecting the best HVAC system to fit your specific needs and budget is imperative for a living in a comfortable space. Florida summers can be made happy through choosing an air-conditioning system that regulates humidity and heat.

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