The photovoltaic consumption involves the production of energy in our own home or business and consequently move from being a passive consumer energy producer.

Types of facilities or solar kits:

  • Instant Autoconsumo
  • Autconsumo isolated
  • Internal consumption and net balance by selling network


Instant Autoconsumo 1: It is the most economical and simple. Only covers the basic and most constant consumption of home or business

  • You need to consume everything they produce solar panels in every moment so as not about electricity.
  • No connection required to sell to the grid.
  • No batteries required for accumulation.
  • Ideal complement: Intelligent Manager that automatically switches appliances at times of increased solar output.

2. Own in isolation: the solution is more investment and covers 100% of consumption.

  • Require the installation of batteries to store electricity.
  • It is the ideal solution when no power lines to connect our facility.
  • It allows us to avoid the bureaucracy and permissions to connect to the network.

3 Autoconsumo to sell to the grid: It is an intermediate investment and covers 100% of consumption.

  • It can produce more than is needed to sell excess electricity network
  • No batteries required
  • Requires equipment to manage the connection to the mains
  • Requires a process of legalization and authorization to sell to the grid:

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