Do you have tons of AVI files that you’d like to convert to another format? Although AVI is generally a great and high quality format that can have decent compression with the right codecs, there are certain situations where you may want to switch your files to another format – for example when you want to view them exclusively on your mobile device.

While there are lots of considerations, the bottom line is: You need a video converter. In itself, that shouldn’t be too hard to find, but when you attempt to look for one you’ll immediately notice that most AVI converters tend to deal with a limited type of file formats. Rather than get stuck having to download multiple different converters for different file formats, you should instead check out the Movavi Video Converter.

With this video converter, you’ll find that you’re able to easily convert AVI to 3GP, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MOV, AVCHD, and many other formats – one of which is surely to fit the bill. In fact, if you’re looking to use the files on mobile devices, many of the presets that come along with this software are optimized to do so and will specifically cater to the types of mobile devices that you need.

It is these very same presets that make the entire conversion process with the Movavi Video Converter so simple. All that you need to do is select the appropriate preset and then start the conversion. Because the converter is one of the fastest in its class, it should be able to produce results much more quickly too.

By choosing to use the Movavi Video Converter as the AVI converter of your choice, you’ll be opening up numerous other options to. The software has many beneficial features lurking beneath its surface and at some point or other you may require some (or all!) of them. In particular, the video editing tools that are provided will definitely come in handy sooner rather than later.

All said and done, there is really no reason why you should not try out this video converter. It is easy to use, looks great and has features that are much more than what other conversion software would bring to the table. In many ways, you could even say that this video converter is more of a ‘video suite’ than anything else!

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