Many organizations, associations, groups working for the promotion of solar energy in France. Most were born between 2000 and 2010, and include mostly individuals to represent the interests of the owners of solar panels as the operator and to be a help resource for future solar buyers. Spotlight on those organizations that support the cause of solar energy.


  • The Hespul
  • The GPPEP
  • The APESI

Organizations promoting solar energy

The Hespul

The Hespul is defined as an association specializing in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Founded in 1991, Hespul was one of the first organizations to choose as the main workhorse of the field of photovoltaic grid-connected.

In 2001, the Hespul was affiliated with the ADEME to extend its field of action to promote renewable energy in the region of the Rhone Alps. The association has built a strong reputation in the regional, national and European level, and becomes an actor affecting energy issues.

Chaired by Paul Coste, the Hespul currently includes:

  • individual members
  • organizations, communities and public institutions
  • various associations
  • other private organizations

In the field of solar energy, photovoltaic is the main branch of specialization of the association. The involvement of the association comes after five types of activities:

Accompaniment operators photovoltaic solar panels : Hespul created various news sites and guide for individuals and professionals on all matters concerning the photovoltaic solar panels.

Training and Awareness : Hespul part in various training courses for professionals, but also other actors in the sector such as financial institutions: Photons formations ADEME, INES, ASDER …

Industrial Partnerships : IMEYS as TC for the management of the European PV-Starlet program through training of staff, as well as collaboration with the EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) for the coordination of European and national strategies various actors in promoting the industry.

The expert missions : research, program development (International program PVPS TASK 10, …)
the feedback and direct promotion : Hespul is sought as a consultant by the authorities and political actors
Joining the Hespul is open to individuals and legal entities.

Organizations promoting solar energy


The GPPEP or Group of Individuals Photovoltaic Electricity Producers who gathers all operators or future special operators of photovoltaic solar panels.

The group is responsible for:

  • the representation and defense of the interests of its members
  • the advancement of the production of electricity from the solar energy to replace fossil fuels
  • the support of members in all phases of their life as a producer of photovoltaic electricity
  • the promotion of photovoltaics and the dissemination of information to the public
  • the awareness to reduce electricity consumption.

Following the difficulties encountered by EDF in the processing of applications for connection contract and resale contract for electricity, the GPPEP acted as intermediary for handling disputes between individual plaintiffs and EDF.

Organizations promoting solar energy


The APESI or Producers Association of Independent Electricity Solar accessible to all players in the photovoltaic sector. The APESI advocates for the promotion and competitiveness of the sector by encouraging inter alia, the adoption of specific regulations adequately photovoltaics.

Founded in 2009, the APESI defends in particular the interests of SMEs / SMIs of the French photovoltaic sector, through the professionalism of lobbying government, workgroups and sharing of experiences.

The APESI consists of:

  • developers, installers , manufacturers, distributors
  • consulting firms, module manufacturers, consultants
  • associations, local authorities, voluntary members of any edges

Organizations promoting solar energy


Enerplan is an association for the promotion of solar energy. It is composed of:

Active Members : European law firms, industrial, distributor, installer, operator, developer …
Associate Members : companies with a portion of the activity is in the field of solar energy (associations, researchers, financial institutions, …), they work as consultants in partnership
honorary members : public, semi-public …

Organizations promoting solar energy


The Environment Agency and the Energy Master is a public establishment of an industrial and commercial character. It is under the supervision of the ministries of the ecology of sustainable development, the transport and housing, the higher education and research, and the economy, of finance and of industry.

The ADEME’s mission is the implementation of public policy in the field of energy and sustainable development.


  • advises companies, governments, public power for all environmental initiatives
  • assistance in project financing

ADEME launched in 1990 following the merger of:

Agency for Energy Economics ( AEE ), the Office of Solar Energy ( COMES ), the Committees and Networks Geothermal Heat to give the French Agency for Energy Management ( AFME )
The AFME with the Agency for Air Quality ( AQA ) and the National Agency for the Recovery and Disposal of Waste ( ANRED )in 1990.

The budget available to the ADEME is set by the Finance Acts.

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