Portable solar panels

The portable solar panels are the mobile versions of the so-called rigid panels, the solar panels and solar thermal panels. They offer a very convenient source of energy during activities outdoors, camping trips, boat, or isolated sites.


  • Pocket solar chargers
  • Foldable solar panels
  • Solar generators
  • The solar cookers
  • Solar showers
  • Solar bags
  • The solar collectors integrated

With portable solar panels, small (cell phones, MP3 …) and large electronic devices (television, computers, …) are supplied with electricity beings wherever one is . But there are other features that will help make it more comfortable life in the countryside. Here’s a little overview of currently existing portable solar technologies.

Portable solar panels1

Pocket solar chargers

They are used to load the electronic devices such as mobile phones, game consoles, mp3 players, smartphones, iPhone , … and many more. They usually are sold with connector kits (USB) or adapters to be compatible with the majority of the equipment used on the market. They fit easily in the pocket or bag.

Foldable solar panels

Such as solar chargers, they provide food for a variety of electronic devices ranging from telephones to computers and television sets. Retractable, they easily carry in bags for hikers and campers.

Solar generators

Solar generators provide greater electric range. Very useful in remote locations (mountain, boat, …), they can supply the devices with 220V AC or 12V DC : television, radio transmitters, satellite phones, GSM … Usually they are delivered with the kit solar panels folding to recharge.

The solar cookers

The solar cookers are used to cook using heat from solar radiation. Examples:

The solar cookers : who cook food by concentrating solar radiation sensor parabolic shape. The heat can reach temperatures of 250 ° C .

The solar cookers : inspired gas furnaces or electric. Cooking is done inside an isolated black glass room that captures the solar energy to heat its contents. The heat reaches 200 ° C .

Solar showers

They allow you to have a hot water in isolated areas in the bivouacs, boat … Perfectly waterproof and foldable , they are easily transported in backpacks and can be used several times.

Solar bags

With integrated solar wafers to canvas backpacks, they are an invaluable aid against power batteries to awkward moments.

The solar collectors integrated

Many electronic devices have integrated solar collectors :

  • Solar radios
  • Solar phones
  • Sunlamps
  • Solar watches
  • Solar cars

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