Renewable Energy 2013

One of the best ways to protect the environment and achieve an improvement in our planet and our society is through the increased use of renewable energy.

It is well known by all, but ignored by the majority, that the resources of our mother earth not give coarse to meet our needs. One of those needs is more precarious feel this energy.

Over 80% of the energy consumed in developed countries such as Spain is not renewable. Moreover, in Spain, comparing us to other countries, we can be proud, because our use of wind energy as well as hydro and solar, place us among the countries with the highest percentage of use of renewable energy.

Nevertheless, we must not be complacent, far from it; since increasingly consume more energy, much of which comes mainly from nuclear power plants, whose residues are highly polluting, and if you have any problems or accident would trigger a natural disaster.

Renewable Energy

Even knowing these data, industries and consumers do deaf ear to the desperate cry of nature and common sense demanded an increase in renewable energy, as well as a decrease in non-renewable energy consumption.

It is in our hands to remedy this serious problem on a large scale: promote the proliferation of renewable energy plants and increase their performance with our advanced technology: photovoltaic or solar power, wind and hydro power plants, etc..

Also a small scale, each citizen can do something to reduce energy consumption: buy low consumption vehicles, purchase energy-saving appliances, low energy light bulbs, etc..

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