Solar batteries

The solar cell is a device that stores the energy generated by solar panels to provide electrical power, for times when the sun is low. It’s a slow cycle battery designed specifically for solar and wind applications.

Indeed, there are different kinds of solar batteries, the most practical are solar batteries GEL and AGM.


    Characteristics of solar batteries
  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Lifetime
  • Basic operation of solar panels
  • GEL batteries
  • AGM batteries
  • Protection of solar batteries
  • Benefits of solar batteries GEL and AGM
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Characteristics of solar batteries

Which primarily defines a solar battery is its voltage expressed in volts, its capacity in Ah and his life in cycles.

But the weight and volume are also part of the characteristics of solar batteries must never be overlooked.


The voltage of the solar batteries can be from 2.6 to 12 V, but there are also battery 24V.

People rarely use 12 V batteries because some devices do not support this undervoltage, for example: energy saving lamps or electrical appliances boats and camper.


The capacity of batteries for photovoltaic applications is always expressed in Ah, this is called the discharge capacity of 100 hours.

This data is useful in case the batteries should cover the need for solar power for several days in a row.


It should be noted that solar batteries do not require much maintenance, especially the 2 batteries GEL and AGM.

They are primarily intended for the world of leisure (isolated site, boats, campers, …). So they have a lifespan of up to 900 cycles.

Solar batteries1

Basic operation of solar panels

Solar batteries have a basic operation identical to that of other types of batteries (starting battery for electric cars, batteries for phones, …).

GEL batteries

In this type of battery, the electrolyte is immobilized as gel, hence the name “GEL batteries” or sealed batteries that do not need to be maintained. They have good resistance to shock and vibration.

They have a longer service life and better cycle capacity than other batteries. Finally, they are especially suited to terrestrial lighting.

AGM batteries

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. The electrolyte is absorbed by capillarity in a moistened glass fiber mat disposed between the electrodes.

Compared to batteries GEL, AGM are better able to provide very high current for a short time.

Ideal for boat , AGM batteries are maintenance-free, they can even be placed in inaccessible locations. Having no liquid, they never could cause an explosion.

Protection of solar batteries

We need solar batteries are always protected against power surges and dumps too big even if they are equipped with a valve.

So to get the best performance of photovoltaic solar panels and solar batteries while having protection, it is recommended to use solar controller PWM or MPPT , with, if necessary, a compensation depending on the temperature.

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