Solar charger for mobile

Buy a solar charger is a very inexpensive way to enter the world of solar energy and save on our electricity bill.

For about 30 euros you can buy a solar charger with a good load capacity and storage.

What should we know a good value to buy solar charger?

We assess:

Battery capacity: Amh is measured in amperes. It can vary between 2500-30000 Amh. We must find the battery of our mobile or device charged by solar energy want to take that data and reference overcome by the battery charger.

Power of solar panel: Measured in Wp and more power, more weight. We must find a balance depending on the application needs. For a mobile, it is recommended 1,5Wp power is sufficient and allow us to have a small charger to carry in your pocket or attached to the backpack.

Weight and portability: The weight depends mostly on the earlier concept of power as they need more power for more material and surface collection.

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