More than Half of Brits Consider Solar in Next Five Years


A recent poll published by Mintel, a research company, shows that of the over 1,200 Brits without solar panels in their homes questioned, 60% would consider installing one on their roofs in the next half decade. It is possible that this marked interest is spurred by the ‘rent-a-roof’ scheme, which allows the user a free solar installation. 39% of those polled listed this as the option they would choose were they to go the solar route. Another 26% indicated a preference toward a high interest loan through Green Deal that would offer a part-financing option for solar PV installation. Finally, just 23% said they would opt for simply purchasing a solar PV system with no outside financial assistance.

More Nuanced Figures Reveal Reasons for not Adapting

A large chunk of the 40% who partook in the questionnaire and said they would not install solar in the next five years said they did not believe their property was suited for installing solar panels (respondents who answered this way represented 30% of those who would not install solar in the next five years). Almost the same number of respondents, 29% of those not wanting to install solar, voiced concern over the cost of maintenance and repair. Another 8% indicated that because of long bouts away from the domicile, solar energy would not provide the greatest benefit for their needs. Take a look at this energy saving infographic by Property Rescue for more information on how you could save £1600 per year!

Another trend uncovered by the poll suggests that those with a household income of £50,000 a year and up are more likely to opt for solar. Another positive correlation to desiring the installation of solar PV was location: those living in Inner and Central London were more likely to adopt the emerging technology.

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1.7 GW in New Solar to be Generated this Year in UK

Of the 1.7 GW predicted to be produced this year in what’s being called a year of strong growth, 40% will come from panels mounted on roofs and another 60% from panels on the ground. This stands in contrast to other predictions from industry analysts, who predict a less conservative 3 GW for the first quarter of 2015 alone. Roof mounted panels are predicted to growly steadily over the next three years. This continues the trend of growing popularity going as far back as the year 2010, especially over the past couple of years.

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