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For fans of the motorhome, to equip solar kit will greatly improve the indoor comfort of their vehicle. Many facilities are available, starting with the solar panels to be mounted on the roof of your RV.


  • Conventional solar kits
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The choice of solar panel installation will depend on your expectations in energy needs. These forecasts will build on all the facilities and equipment you will use during your stay and sunshine to the chosen location. The installation of the panels is accessible to any handyman. Garage owners and truck operators are also able to do so.

Conventional solar kits

For a moderate power consumption, the solar sets standards may suffice. These are solar panels flexible who can adapt to the shape of the roof of your camper:

45W solar kit : for small campers. This kit is suitable for consumption is limited to the use of interior lights and water pump. It is especially recommended for the summer and for regions with strong sunlight. Under these conditions, the average daily output of 190Wh.

60W solar kit : for campers average equipment. This kit, in addition to the lights and the water pump, power or recharge various electronic devices such as mobile phones, game consoles, etc. It is better suited than the 45W kit for less sunny seasons (spring, fall). With a high rate of sunshine, its power reaches 250Wh.

90W solar kit : for campers large. It is suitable for the same scope of use that the 60W kit, but with a higher number of devices. A strong sunlight, its daily power is 380Wh.

Solar panels for campers

In general, solar kits for campers consist of:

  • A flexible solar panel
  • A solar battery
  • A charge controller (with or without display)
  • A few meters of cable
  • A mounting kit

Solar panels’ black contact”

For more intensive consumption, more powerful kits exist. They make use of rigid solar panels that can have a yield 20% higher than conventional solar panels. They use technology Back Contact. Some manufacturers sell them “ready to assemble” kit:

  • Vechline
  • E-sun
  • Power Monkey
  • Sunpower System

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