Solar panels for swimming pools

Indeed, it is possible to heat the pool water using solar energy: solar panels give you an ecological and economical solution to heat your pool. Different systems of heating pool water is found with the volume of water in the pool, the climate of the region and the presence or absence of a shed heat.


  • Economical heating
  • Operation
  • Choice of solar panel
  • Price
  • Above ground
  • Inground pool

Economical heating

The installation of solar thermal panels, not to be confused with solar panels, can allow you to raise the temperature of the pool water from 3 ° to 7 ° C according to your desire.

It is a solution economic because the energy source is free and inexhaustible, heating the pool will operate sunshine period only.

Solar panels for swimming pools


There are special solar panels for pool. Also known as thermal sensors, they have a large number of tubes in which water flows slowly.

They contain unglazed water that are installed in the output of the filter to the pool and the pool are connected by two pipes:

  • One has a pump that draws water through the collectors and returns
  • >The other returns in the pool after warming

It is also quite possible to install solar panels to heat an above ground pool.
Choice of solar panel

To heat the water in your pool, you can choose between the following thermal solar panels:

  • Those compounds of plastics pipes often sold as kits for solar pool
  • Those containing copper rods vacuum sealed
  • Finally, the solar panels insulated pipe formed in an encapsulated housing which is enclosed by a window glass

However, the choice of the size of the solar panel depends:

  • The sunshine area
  • The frequency of use of the pool
  • The guy by the pool
  • The technology sensors

It is estimated that to heat a pool of 25 m², for example, a solar thermal panel is sufficient. In case you have a pool of 75 sqm, you need three to be able to raise the temperature of 3 ° to 7 ° C.


The price of solar panels varies depending on the quality and the price of the pump. The price also depends on the type of your pool.

Above ground

Devices for heating the pool are simple and economical. The price ranges from € 100 to € 600 either solar heating or solar dome heating mat.

Inground pool

Solar heating for inground pools can be a good choice, but it’s an inexpensive system to purchase. Indeed, the cost of installing solar panels varies between € 800 to € 3,500.

However, you can combine the system: install a solar panel that heats both the hot water and the swimming pool.

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