Solar regulators and PWM MPPT
The solar controller provides charging and discharging of the solar batteries. It is especially designed for system photovoltaic solar panels. Some regulators have advanced features such as the solar controller PWM and MPPT solar.


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General solar controller

The solar controller, which is also called charge controller, ensures control and battery charging of the solar collector. It should be noted that it is both connected to the battery, the solar panel and the equipment of the solar energy converted.

It is possible to power a solar battery directly to a photovoltaic solar panel, but the battery will be damaged if the load level exceeds 90%. That is why it is recommended to install a charge controller for all uses from 15 Watts.

In short, it is important for the charge level of the solar battery. Thus, his life will be prolonged.

The solar controller PWM


The PWM (Pulse Wide Management) or solar controller classic is controlled by a microprocessor and automatically adjusts to the voltage of the photovoltaic system from 12 to 24 V.


It has a large digital screen that displays in real time, the state of charge of the battery and the voltage of the current. It is easy to install because you just plug it between the solar panel and battery.

A temperature sensor in the battery to automatically compensate for charging the battery is also included.

Thus, the PWM has an electronic fuse, which ensures maximum protection against:

  • Short-circuit
  • landfills and overloads batteries
  • Reverse polarity
  • Charge return


Solar regulators and PWM MPPT1

Technical Data PWM

Here are some technical data of the solar PWM controller.

Power Dimension System
System voltage 12 V / 24 V Self-selection
Max 30 A
End voltage drop 13.7 V / V 27.4 Parameterized
End voltage discharge 10.5 V / 21 V Parameterized
Reactivation voltage discharge 11 V / 22 V Parameterized
Maximum section of cable 6mm²
Size solar controller 178 x 162 x 80 mm




 Technical data of the MPPT

Solar MPPT


The MPPT in English “Maximum Power Point Tracking”, in French “Monitoring Point of Maximum Power”, meanwhile, is designed to maximize the storage of energy from the panels by varying their voltage versus brightness.

The controller is currently the best solution because the conversion efficiency of solar energy can be increased up to 50% than the conventional controller.

Loading of the solar battery, it controls the voltage and current.


For equipment, it contains a microprocessor and a voltage converter with very low loss. This is to get all the energy from solar panels or wind turbines.

It plugs as a conventional solar controller, that is to say between the photovoltaic solar panel and solar battery.

Support wide voltage PV input to 50V also the advantage of MPPT, he also display on LCD screen to know the battery voltage and charging current.


The technical data following are essential before buying this type of solar regulator.

Maximum power PV 300 W
Minimum power PV 68 W
Maximum current PV 25A
PV current peak 35 A for 10 min
Maximum voltage PV 50 V
Maximum discharge current 15 A
Peak surge current 20A
Auxiliary battery charger 13.8 V / 100 A


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