Though air filled pneumatic tires may dominate the highways, solid polyurethane tires are the wheel of choice for many other applications. For smaller material moving equipment, such as hand carts, furniture dollies and lawn equipment, polyurethane wheels are a sign of a high quality product. Combining slip resistance properties of rubber in a solid wheel makes a firm, strong and durable product.

When moving furniture or using a push mower, ride comfort is unnecessary. But for equipment made to complete these tasks, compression strength, traction and a long product life are important factors to consider. A flat on a wheeled dolly not only requires tire replacement, but a load shift due to the flat can cause the tipping of the object carried. Letting an expensive appliance fall during moving can be both a safety hazard and damage to the appliance. Solid polyurethane helps eliminate this hazard.

There are times when a solid grip is important for a moving cart or other equipment. This is especially true on smooth surfaces such as polished floors and warehouse concrete. A polyurethane wheel generally has better traction control than solid plastic wheels and is less susceptible to slipping or sliding.

It is far more elastic than typical plastic construction. Because polyurethane is less brittle than plastic, it is less likely to crack or chip during use making it a longer lasting product.
In addition, high quality polyurethane is also more durable than rubber for abrasion resistance. A longer lasting product means it will be replaced less often, and keeps equipment down time to a minimum.

A quality solid tire manufacturer will normally design and construct a multitude of sizes of tires to fit the large variety of equipment or machinery. Solid tires can come in sizes as small as 4 inches in diameter to over 16 inches. Each diameter size may have numerous widths and tread designs, depending on the uses of the equipment. For example, equipment normally used on smooth surfaces will utilize a smooth tread, where lawn equipment requires a grooved or knobby tread.

Some urethane tire manufactures are now employ eco friendly manufacturing techniques to tire construction. A company such as Roll-tech Molding Products Inc., for instance, is using modern technology to transform used vehicle tires and plastic bottles as raw materials for many of its products. Not only does this recycling save on the cost of raw materials and provides a new use for waste products. Millions of pounds of old tires and bottles are recycled by Roll-tech annually.

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