Our world relies so much on technology and the energy of batteries that if batteries suddenly didn’t exist anymore everything would come to a halt. Nowadays it seems that pretty much everything that we do runs off of batteries or needs to be charged with the use of batteries. However batteries work with the use of chemicals that are known to be very toxic. These toxins consist of mercury and lead. Billions of batteries are added to the soil and ground water each year which is not healthy.


The need for them

The use of a variety of different batteries such as large industrial batteries, like UPS batteries as well as small AA batteries is so common that people all over the world rely on them just as much as they rely on something like disposable diapers. However, humankind has to realize that with the improper disposal of batteries could come at a serious price when it comes to the health of the environment and themselves.

The Economy and the Market

The economy is highly driven on the market for survival. With that being said products such as batteries that are disposable will continue to be in demand. If people only needed to buy batteries one time for all of their personal and business needs then the creators would have to come up with a new invention.

Effects of the Environment

As most people already know the environment is affected heavily with the improper disposal of batteries. There have been so many batteries thrown out improperly that the toxic mercury that is in them has now been found in the food chain, especially marine life. Nations that are poor are more susceptible to experiencing the mercury in their seafood which is no longer considered to be safe for them to eat. Too much mercury in a human’s diet can lead to severe mental issues and physical impairments. Batteries that are being disposed of in the landfills are taking up space for items that are biodegradable. Originally landfills were not to be used to fill with toxins because they will only cause more pollution and problems in the environment.

How things should be handled

There are businesses that are known to dispose of batteries properly, especially for large industrial batteries. Not only that, but rechargeable batteries have been introduced to the industry so that people can use the same batteries over and over again without having to replace them. If you have purchased a UPS battery from a company then they will generally dispose of your old UPS batteries for you or they can suggest somewhere that you can dispose of your batteries. The market is now on its way to better responsibility and saving the environment from pollution of batteries that has gotten out of hand. With the various efforts that have continued there are now even more consumers who are trying their best to dispose of batteries properly to keep the environment safe. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that the market for traditional batteries is a lot bigger which makes it more of a challenge to get people and organizations disposing of batteries in a more responsible way.

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