The price of photovoltaic solar panels depends initially on 3 factors: the type of solar photovoltaic, the surface of the photovoltaic module and the manufacturer. The cost of additional equipment and the facility are added subsequently to establish the final cost of the panels.

The price of photovoltaic module

Depending on the type of solar cell: The price per square meter of solar panels depends on the type of photovoltaic solar cell used:   amorphous, mono crystalline or polycrystalline.


According to the surface of the photovoltaic module: specify that the module is a photovoltaic array of photovoltaic solar cells electrically connected together. Over the surface of the module, the greater the number of cells that comprise it is high. The size of the module will be based on the desired output of the plant. For example, a need for 1000KWc should be 250Wc panels 4.

According to the manufacturer many models competing in the market. Prices may beings differ between manufacturers (among Chinese manufacturers, European, American) for two standard panels with the same types of photovoltaic cells.

On average the cost of a photovoltaic module, based on its power, is between 900 and 4500 € (net) per Kilowatt (nominal power installed). So the price watt varies from 0.9 to 4.5 € . These prices will have to fall over the years, with the expected increase in offers in solar panels. Besides the arrival of Chinese manufacturers (such Suntech) on the European market has already increased pressure on prices.

Below, the estimated price of a module composed of four identical panels. The estimates are based on the proposed by different manufacturers power ranges. The price of a panel is on average between 2 and 3.5 € per Watt.

With lower power ranges, the portable solar panels back logically cheaper.

The price of the inverter

The price of inverters depends on their size, their manufacturer and their rated power . Today UPS cost between 500 and 1200 € (net) per kilowatt (nominal power of the inverter). The purchase cost of the inverter usually contributes to 10% of the final invoice for the investment. Below is a sample of models on the market with their prices respectively.

The cost of installing

The cost of installation generally depends on the following points:

the total area of signs : the higher the photovoltaic module is large, there will be more panels to handle and fasteners to the installer.

The choice of the installation surface: An integrated system will be cheaper than a raised installation. However, an elevated system promises greater receiving sunlight. While an integrated module could be hindered by the shadows. In addition it must be determined if the surface in question should not be strengthened.

The choice of the installer: offers differ between installers. The differences are among others on the list of services offered and the cost of labor. To make their offers, installers generally proceed by establishing a quotation based on the study of your project. While the majority of installers offer free quotes online, it is always better to go for a field visit.

As for solar panels cost of installing a photovoltaic system is around for tens of thousands of euros. (See prices for solar panels)

In the end, the cost of investment returns on average between 10,000 and € 25,000.

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