The price of solar panels depends on two main factors: the total area of the thermal sensors and technology used. For the cost of final installation, we must also reckon the price of other items that make up your thermal system and of course, the cost of installation. But do not forget that the tax credit is to alleviate this.


Thermal Solar

The price of thermal sensors

The temperature sensors are the primary variable in the price of solar panels. As for the price of photovoltaic solar panels, the factors to consider are: the technology used and the surface of the solar panel .

the technology used : prices vary depending on whether the temperature sensors are based on vacuum tubes or they are sensors plane glass. A equal area occupied, thermal sensors vacuum tubes are generally more expensive than flat plate collectors. In terms of performance, professionals agree that the sensors in vacuum tubes are better than flat plate collectors.

The area of thermal sensors or the number of tubes: one generally reduces the cost of a flat plate solar thermal panel square meter. The surface depends on the use of solar thermal panels (domestic water heating, space heating, pool heating, solar system combined SSC ) and the volume of consumption (need liters of hot water per person, volume the pool or unit to heat). The price of solar panels with sub-empty tubes is itself often reduced to the number of tubes.

Single Balloon Buffer without Coil

Single Balloon Buffer without Coil


The buffer or buffer tank

The storage tank or buffer tank is probably the second most important organ in your solar thermal system. The price of the balloons varies from supplier and storage. For systems combined heating (SSC), 2 balls are generally used.

Installation costs

The installation costs are the largest percentage of the investment cost. Apart from the specific to the tariffs for solar panel installers, the cost of the installation will depend on:

What is planning to do to accommodate sensors and other components of the solar thermal system?

The type of system chosen: one piece or separate . A thermal system piece comes cheaper because the installation is done in a single exposure. For a separate system , the solar panel installer will ask the various elements one by one, in addition to any specific arrangements (in the fastener buffer tank for example).

The use of solar thermal panels: water heating, space heating, combination heating system (SSC). The room heating and combined heating require laying of floor heating in case the house is not yet equipped. On average, the cost of installation varies between 4,000 and € 10,000 .


Resellers offer materials separately or in kits (complete or not).

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