For years, energy has taken an important place in people’s lives every day.

The sun as an energy source


  • The benefits of sunshine in everyday life
  • For heating (system)
  • For electricity
  • Disadvantages
  • Limited climatic condition
  • Insufficient income to install

We always had the habit of using energy. The sun is a star of the heat then is it possible to withdraw it energy?

The benefits of sunshine in everyday life

Today solar energy is available to humans, even though it’s been years that the sun gave us heat.

The sun by warming gave ideas as to what researchers can extract it with energy based on the fact that heat through its solar rays can be concentrated in a metal plate and produces a warming of up to 500 ° C to 1000 ° C.

For heating (system)

So when we speak of the sun, it still implies heat and warming.

Well it’s this heat that can provide energy and that can use the sun as practicable energy source in everyday life.

About these benefits, the sun as energy source is a non-polluting source and can preserve the environment and nature and also it is more convenient especially for health.

Take the example of a bucket of water that you put in the sun after a few hours we will not need to heat the water, the water is already warm without warming over a fire; This is the same system that is used for the solar water heater.

One can also take the experience with a mirror, you can even practice at home; So we take a mirror, we put it under the sun or against a bucket of water on the shelf qu’effectue the mirror is placed, we can see that after a while the water will be warm.

The sun as an energy source

You can use this same experience in the same street.

For example we pass a building window, there are reflections of glass on our way then we can put on the shelf; you can feel the heat on the skin.

So it is with these same experiences that we have found that the sun can provide us with warmth without electric heating for free and you can also use it to have energy for heating a house using the manufacture metal plate with the mirror.

For electricity

A solar energy plant called for the central power “thermodynamics”, this word comes from the word for baths somehow heat.

For electricity based on solar energy, we need to mirror and dish to concentrate the sun’s rays and heat the water that is in the material and the heat that causes a temperature the machine that produces electricity.

So we will not need coal or wood to provide heat continuously.

Formerly, we used coal and wood to run trains or boats that is to say that it is the heat of the fires to start the machine.

Well it’s a bit like that as solar energy is used in electricity.


Limited climatic condition

By cons solar energy has its drawbacks, like what we can not get them that day and also in sunny countries; So for the night and for countries such as Greenland or Alaska, we need another energy source.

For vehicles or transport, how do we can do to solve this problem; how is it that we can provide energy without polluting like solar energy.

Insufficient income to install

It is true that solar energy has benefits but against even in sunny countries, poverty does not allow its residents to pay for the installation because the materials are expensive and the income of a poor family can not afford to outdated expense.

Finally we always find that the sun is a good source of energy because it is non-polluting and more practicable.

And in everyday life, we can always use until the sun shines because the sun is permanent energy source.

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