Hopefully, you had a Merry Christmas, surrounded by friends and family and even received a few presents courtesy of Saint Nick or a loved one. But in many parts of the UK, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were not necessarily the traditional days of merriment that we’ve all become accustomed to. Due to the massive storms which hit the UK, thousands of residential customers found themselves without power, as ice, wind and stormy conditions brought down power lines to a wide part of the UK. Natural disasters do happen, and chances are you may have found yourself without power in one of these once in a lifetime events, but, in an unusual twist of fate, this time it happened right during Christmas. However, every sad story has a silver lining: in this case, one of the power companies that was struck by these outages is offering those affected goodwill payments.

Making like Santa

Scottish and Southern Energy is a company that has a significant presence in the UK, with their coverage area extending from Isle of Wright and Oxfordshire at one end to Somerset and West London at the other end. When the storms hit right before Christmas Eve, the company did everything they could to keep the lights on for all the customers. Many were able to get their power restored fairly quickly. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans, and over 130,000 customers were left without power, some for a few hours and some for a few days. It certainly isn’t Scottish and Southern Energy’s fault. Packing winds in excess of 80 mph, the storm hit the UK like a sledgehammer and as often happens, power was lost in many different places. But, in what I would consider not only a gesture of goodwill but an excellent public relations campaign, the energy company is offering goodwill payments to any of their customers that were affected.

Pick Your Compensation

Rather than having just one goodwill payment option, the energy company decided to make payments which were affected by not only which day each consumer was affected, but also for how long. Any of their customers that were left without power on Christmas Day, even if only for an hour, are entitled to a £75 payment. Any customer that was left without power for 48 hours is entitled to payment of £54, with an additional £54 for any subsequent 12 hour period that they remained without. Hopefully, this will have consoled all those customers that were left in the dark during this holiday season.

Give yourself a Christmas present

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