Going green used to just be a trendy watch word, but now companies are fully embracing key concepts about being more energy conscious and are working towards recycling more with less unnecessary waste.Even small steps add up over time because companies tend to consume far more in materials and energy than homeowners do directly. Therefore, the potential upside is greater when companies get on board the green movement.

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Here are a few of the reasons why companies are moving towards being greener.

Solar Energy Lowers Costs While Creating Energy Independence

Solar energy with a row of solar panels on the roof linking up to an inverter and a bank of batteries provides enough amp hours to power significant parts of an office building. The larger the installation, and the better positioned the building is to take advantage of sun-filled days, the more cost-efficient a solar installation is for a corporation.

Companies can still be connected to the grid to keep up with additional demands or cover when the day is too overcast to get a good charge on the solar panels. Once the upfront cost of the solar panel installation is paid for, companies benefit from substantially lower energy bills. They’re also more independent of the power grid, so a power outage is no longer a total disaster for business that day.

Environmentally-Conscious Companies Sell Better

Products produced, or services provided by companies that are energy efficient get a thumbs up from consumers. Even in the business-to-business market, other company owners often consider being green as a priority and prefer buying from companies that operate in a green manner.

Buyers make their own mind up whether a company is really green or not. It’s a good idea for each business to feature on their website what steps they’ve taken in pursuit of being environmentally conscious.

Reduced Footprint Through Cross-Border Best Practices in Solar, Wind & Manufacturing

Manufacturing and following energy-efficient best practices has become increasingly important to multinationals trading between American, Latin America and the countries of Spain and Portugal (known regionally as Ibero-American). Global warming is no longer theoretical and that’s a message that’s well understood.

Michael A Peck, MAPA Group has years of experience working inco-operation with multi-nationals helping to develop trade under green business principals. As he’s repeatedly found, being greener as a company saves money,making it a net positive. For the companies involved, they don’t need more convincing as that alone is a compelling enough argument. For company leaders, it’s important to embrace going green. Half measures are obvious to staff and customers alike that there’s a lack of commitment. It doesn’t reap the financial benefits of switching to energy efficient solutions, or deliver the positive feeling from doing more for the environment. The greater the usage of energy, materials and products in the workplace, the bigger the opportunity there is to make changes for the better. The good news is it’s never too late to start or to improve a company’s record on environmental matters.

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