In today’s society, we are always looking for different and effective ways to conserve our preciously limited natural resources and the earth. There are many things the government and large corporations can do to help out on their behalf for sure, but we can help to make a difference on an individual level. If every one of us strived to make a conscious daily effort to preserve energy in our own everyday lives, it would make a noticeable difference and impact on our environment. There are many ways to help achieve this goal. For starters, we can look to our own homes and energy consumption to see where and how we can cut down as individuals.


The idea of double glazed windows is not a new one. In fact, they have been around for quite some time. They have recently gained popularity with consumers as the prices of fuel have drastically been rising and the want to be more “green” has consumed us.

Double glazing all the windows in a house is a great long term energy saving application that can be used in to help lower the overall impact a household has on the environment. Double glazed windows are made of two single panes of glass. The panes are then separated with spacers leaving a small gap between them. The space in the middle of these windows is usually filled with gas. The most common gases used for this are argon or krypton. The gases help to keep the window insulated. These windows are designed to keep the inside of the home at a maintained temperature so the air and heating systems do not have to work as hard as they would with single paned windows. Saving the extra energy or gas will not only lower our bills, but protect the environment as well. Just one little change can have a lifetime of impact on the amount of energy a single household consumes.

There are additional environmentally friendly effects with double paned windows. The windows will have a longer life and be more durable. The inside will never be affected by elements from the outside due to the extra layer of glass. Double glazing will help against long term wear and tear, creating less waste from repairing or the entire replacement of the windows.

While replacing traditional single pane windows may be expensive, in the long run they will pay for themselves. These windows reduce both heating and cooling costs, which will save money on electricity and gas bills.

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